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The subject that interests us today is the French project which will allow you to set up automated trading strategies without any necessary knowledge of computer coding, all in a very intuitive and ergonomic way. In the following lines we will detail the origins of the project, the implementation of the platform following a successful ICO, the various advantages offered by the KRL token and finally we will enter the reactor core, namely the services offered. by some of which are revolutionary for beginners as well as experienced traders.

What is it is above all a French project, a team of ten people gathered around the CEO Luca Benevolo. Their objective ? Make the implementation of automated trading strategies on the cryptocurrency market accessible to as many people as possible. It has been so since 2017, following a Successful ICO that the project has really taken off, currently the capitalization of tokens KRL issued during the ICO represent a valuation of $ 1.4 million, enough to allow the project to figure well among the 700 largest market capitalizations.
Automate your trading strategy

The funds raised during the ICO have thus enabled the small French team to develop their platform with the original acronym of “WYSWYT” rather understand “What you see is what you trade. What you see is what you trade. The name of the platform is evocative enough to understand the value proposition of the project Indeed if we go back to the genesis of the latter, this is a simple observation that you may have yourself made if you are interested in cryptocurrency trading. This observation is as follows: if today we want to develop an automated trading strategy on crypto exchanges, it is almost impossible to do so without having a technical mastery of the code that will allow you to develop this. that we can call a trading “bot”.

Understand the strategy editor in 1 minute 30 minutes of video and its WYSWYT platform thus respond to this problem by providing very intuitive drag and drop tools that we will detail later in the article and which allow you to develop your automated trading strategy. All without the need to register for computer coding training. Even better, is a cloud hosted solution that doesn’t require any installation on your machine and the service is continuously available 24/24, 7/7. In short, you will understand, you can say goodbye to the continuous hours of watching the courses evolve, here you set up your strategy, you backtest to validate its performance, all in unlimited and then you are all set to take the plunge.

The offer is aimed at both beginner traders who will be able to find more than 160 automated trading strategies already configured on the marketplace as well as more experienced traders who can easily develop their own trading strategies. Smart Trading. A formula that quickly won over users who are already over 28,000 to use the services for a total amount of trading representing $ 100 million traded monthly. Note that the platform is available in French in English and Spanish with active communities in each of the languages.

What are the fees on and how can I benefit from the Holding program?

The issue of fees is always important when entering the cryptocurrency trading market, whether it is fees on exchanges or fees on associated services as Kryll offers, it is always important to take it into account. account. With, the first good news is that these fees are transparent up to 1% of the invested capital per month. The second good news is that you can pay these fees directly with the KRL token and thus benefit from very favorable fee reductions.

Concretely, how does it work? If you take a closer look at’s proposition is as follows, you have several options to choose from. Let’s take a simple example of a trading strategy involving an investment of $ 1000. All the more important in a world where subscriptions tend to multiply, on there are no subscription type payments, you only pay a fee if you trade, all with complete transparency.

  • Option 1 : You don’t have a KRL token, you pay $ 10 per month.
  • Option 2 : You have at least 5000 KRL, you pay 8.5 dollars per month, a saving of 15%
  • Option 3 : You have at least 20,000 KRL, you pay 6.5 dollars per month, a saving of 35%
  • Option 4 : You have at least 50,000 KRL, you pay 5 dollars per month, a saving of 50%
  • Option 5 : You hold at least 100,000 KRL, you pay 2.5 dollars per month, a saving of 75%
  • Finally, theultimate option to keep your fees as low as possible is to hold at least KRL 200,000, in which case the monthly fees are lowered to the maximum or the equivalent of 0.5 dollars per month for a trading investment of 1000 dollars, a nice saving of 95 % compared to the first option which does not imply any condition of KRL ownership.

Having KRL is all the more beneficial in that you will be able to benefit from advantages on the monthly fees but you will also be able to benefit from advantageous percentages on the affiliate program. The number of strategies that you can implement simultaneously is also greater as the number of KRLs held increases.

Therefore, where to get these famous KRLs so advantageous to integrate the “Holding program”? In particular, you can buy it on exchanges “Liquid” and “HitBTC” but also on decentralized exchanges Uniswap or Idex. You do not want to go through these exchanges, you can also buy the KRL directly on for direct purchase by credit card.

How does the platform work in practice?

Now that we have been able to observe the genesis of the project as well as the various advantages that can be offered to you through the holding program of KRL, it is now time to enter the reactor core, namely the platform in herself. The platform is divided into five key elements that we will detail in the rest of our article, namely the strategy editor WYSWIT “What you see is what you trade, the Marketplace on which to find the various automated strategies available, the tool Smart trading popular with experienced traders, the tool Swap and finally the application available on mobile.

The strategy editor WYSWIT is the key element of the platform in the sense that you can with a single tool create strategies using flowcharts. Here, as mentioned previously, no notion of computer code is necessary, it is a question of putting in place blocks which are connected to each other and thus allow the creation of decision flows. Once you have set up your decision flows, you can immediately perform backtests on the strategies you have put in place in order to validate the profitability of it. The big advantage here is that these backtests are completely free and unlimited. A major asset for getting into real markets after having carefully considered your strategy, the risk you want to take and the potential for return on investment.

Logigrams used to build your trading strategy.
Set up your strategy with logigrams on

The MarketPlace is a space on which users called “Publishers” will be able to make trading strategies available to other users that they may have developed. users can thus rent the policies already configured for a payment in KRL intended to remunerate the publisher of the strategy. In the majority of cases, it is possible to easily contact the editors of each strategy in order to better understand the specificities of it before embarking on it. Below you can see a first overview of the marketplace, each strategy has a specific name and specific characteristics that will correspond to different investor profiles.

Page marketplace where to find the various existing strategies
The marketplace to adopt an existing strategy

The Smart trading is a very popular tool for traders which allows in particular to place buy or sell orders intelligently by implementing elements such as “profit traling” or “stop loss”. This tool thus makes it possible to automatically trigger buy and / or sell orders based on price movements on the cryptocurrency markets. Thanks to these tools in a few moments you can complete the various parameters to set up automated orders in a very ergonomic way. Finally, you can monetize these orders by making them available to other traders, so you will earn commission the more they are used.

The Swap, a very interesting tool because it allows to exchange cryptocurrencies directly on, the advantage here is that you don’t have to log into an exchange to complete the trade. The action is managed directly on to exchange bitcoins against ethers or vice versa for example. Or as in the example below, a Swap of BNB against BTC in a few moments directly from the platform

Converse directly cryptomonnaies them on
The Quick Swap option to directly exchange your cryptocurrencies

Finally, the mobile application allows you to monitor all of your strategies directly on your mobile. You will also be able to see at a glance the history and performance of your various automated trading strategies. You will also have the vision on your portfolio, that is to say all the cryptocurrencies that you hold through your various current strategies. In addition, the application will allow you to follow all your actions on through notifications.

Manage your remote trading strategies with mobile
The app to manage your trading strategies remotely

How about you go for it?

By answering this questionnaire before November 20, 2020, you will be in the running to try to win a giveaway with a total value of 1000 KRL (around 100 € at the time of writing) !

This sum will allow you to get started on the Kryll platform in the best possible way. So don’t hesitate and take this short survey!

In conclusion, is your best ally to support you in your cryptocurrency trading.

The services offered by can thus be suitable for beginners as well as experienced traders. The whole objective of the marketplace is also to provide the most beginners with the benefit of winning strategies configured by traders with more bottles in the sector. The fees are transparent and can even be reduced to 0.05% if you opt for the holding program option. The Strategy Editor lets you develop your own strategy without being a computer coding geek, and backtest it, all for free and unlimited. Thanks to you will be able to optimize your trading strategies on the Binance, Bittrex, Liquid, Kucoin, Kraken, Hitbtc and FTX exchanges. Finally, it is important to note that has succeeded in developing very active French, English and Spanish communities.

Finally, new features are to be expected on the platform in the coming months, the teams are working in particular on futures in order to allow trading with leverage effects, new exchanges will soon be supported and partnerships are being set up. courses to develop the growth of abroad. In short, Kryll is a real French nugget which has already proven the added value of its platform and continues to evolve in the right direction!


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