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U.S. Government: These are the candidates for Biden’s government team

President-elect Joe Biden. While Donald Trump does not admit defeat, Biden prepares the transition.imago images / ZUMA Wire

Joe Biden’s cabinet is supposed to be colorful, a diverse team like the one the White House has not seen before. A mixture of the progressive and moderate party wing of the Democrats, supplemented by some representatives of the opposing Republicans. “In every way we need to ensure – from our school classes to our courtrooms to the President’s Cabinet – that our leadership and our institutions are indeed a reflection of America,” Biden wrote in an opinion piece in the summer.

The elected president faces a tightrope walk with the personnel line-up. He must not alienate the left wing of the demo cards, but in the case of a Senate without a democratic majority he will have to put together a tableau that is capable of consensus among some Republicans. Except for the security advisor, he needs the approval of the senators. Biden wants an aggressive team, say Senate colleagues, a mix of Washington veterans and new faces.

In addition to the promise to get the historic corona crisis in the country under control, most of them will take a critical look at the economic team, with which Biden wants to provide an upswing and jobs. Foreign partners alienated by the incumbent Donald Trump’s “America First” will hope for experienced and cosmopolitan diplomats and trade representatives.

As a first decision on the composition of his government team, Biden appointed his longtime advisor Ron Klain as chief of staff at the White House on Wednesday. Here are some of the hot candidates for the first cabinet named in the capital:

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