Süss Microtec: Strong Development – New Forecast

Süss Microtec’s sales rose in the third quarter by around 63 percent to 60.6 million euros. The EBIT improves from -4.9 million euros to +9.0 million euros. Incoming orders fell from 66.0 million euros to 44.1 million euros. The order backlog increases from 115.3 million euros to 125.8 million euros.

For the year as a whole, Süss Microtec continue to expect sales of between EUR 240 million and EUR 260 million. The EBIT margin should be between 5.5 percent and 7.5 percent. So far, the estimate was 3.0 percent to 5.0 percent.

The DZ Bank analysts speak of a strong development in the third quarter. In the long term, demand seems to be unbroken. So far, the experts are expecting a margin of 5.8 percent, which they want to check. There is still a positive attitude towards the share.

As before, there is a buy recommendation for the shares of Süss Microtec. The price target remains at 19.80 euros.

The shares of Süss Microtec lose 5.9 percent in the morning to 15.50 euros.

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