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The days when almost every village had a Rabobank are definitely behind us.

The closure is evidenced by documents that The Financial Times holds. According to the Rabobank management, further intervention is necessary because of the many challenges that await banks. The corona crisis and the ever-decreasing interest rates, causing a decline in income, play a major role in this, says Rabo CEO Wiebe Draijer.

Personal service
The topic is today trending topic on b2b social medium Linkedin. John Olivieira – chairman of Fare Network, strategic business consultant and recently crowned member of the Council for Culture, responds: ‘The cooperative divident – part of Rabobank’s profit – is important … after all, part of the profit is returned to society in this. This is what sets Rabobank apart from other banks. Centralization was already a painful process, but the erosion of local relevance is a serious threat to me. Cooperation is more than just a body of thought and with the disappearance of your personal services via local offices, we are losing an important pillar. Unfortunately, it cannot be compensated 1 on 1 with digitization. Difficult.’

Club feeling
Olivieira refers to the words: ‘The reorganization is based on two ideas: the bank wants to remain visible locally, be close to customers. After all, that distinguishes the cooperative bank from other banks. At the same time, Rabobank also has to operate more efficiently. ‘
In the current campaigns, Rabo visualized the cooperative idea by communicating the ‘club feeling’ and the local antenna in commercials.

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