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WPO, if you are an avid reader of Cryptocurrencies or follow ICOs, these 3 little letters already mean something to you.

Already 2 articles on this ambitious project which understood that except in a utopian vision, we cannot put an end to our modern and energy-intensive activities. It is not a viable solution, unlike the energy transition. And yes, contrary to what some people think, Blockchain and energy transition are not opposed and this is what WPO will show us.

We live in a constantly changing world and at Cryptocurrencies we too owe it to ourselves to go with the flow. Dear readers or should I say dear viewers, today is a special day. We have the privilege to welcome Barthelemy Roueur, CEO and co-founder of WPO for an exclusive video interview!

WPO, a company already implemented

Wind Prospect Operations, or WPO for close friends, is a group of 70 experts in 20 locations in Europe. Founded in 1995, WPO quickly understood that the energy transition was the most important subject of the next century. 23 years later and 600 solar and wind farms installed, the group is embarking on the Blockchain adventure. In 2020, they are back with an ICO having obtained the AMF Visa, to provide a solution to the looming energy crisis.

We were able to interview Barthelemy Roueur on the subject. This is what came out.

WPO in three words?

  1. Clear
  2. Transparent
  3. Full

These 3 simple words define the team’s vision.

Clear, because the ambitions and the ecosystem of the project are perfectly defined. The team knows where it is going, how to get there and it is with this vision that in 2018 GoCerts certificates were developed to meet various needs. Today there are 4 GoCerts allow the following actions:

  • use a service for Green Tokens
  • buy or sell energy
  • certify the origin of energy and its impact on the environment
  • automate and provide energy services (wind farms).

Transparent because it is obviously one of the flagship concepts of the Blockchain that will provide a better vision of the origin of energies. WPO relies on the fact that if we know the origin of what we are consuming, even in terms of energy, we will make the necessary changes.

Full, because nothing has been left to chance. The Green Token (GTK) is not a simple accessory but a real utility token, the spearhead of the ecosystem. The GTK allows first of all thanks to GoCert n ° 1 to access precise and environmentally friendly services. It also allows a company wishing to make a white paw, to keep an immutable record of its participation in the energy transition. In addition, as a token, GTK is also beneficial to investors. Unfortunately or fortunately, the energy transition is a particularly profitable sector of the future. Why settle for a red and carbonated ocean when a magnificent blue ocean awaits us quietly?

However, who says complete means having taken a 360 ° tour of your project. Regarding WPO, I sense skepticism in the back row about the use of Blockchain. How can a technology that is at first glance polluting like the Blockchain be beneficial to the energy transition? This is a legitimate request and WPO has heard well on it. Rest assured, the team is not hiding anything under the carpet and is well aware that its Blockchain will consume energy. However, this is not a real problem. Why ? Well, because unlike other alternatives, here it will be easy to see the consumption in real time, to think about how to reduce it. The Blockchain, as a new technology is set to develop and WPO is aware of it.

If their project is initially based on Proof of Work (PoW), the famous blockchain energy-intensive protocol, the ideas for transitions to Proof of Stake (PoS) are already topical. What could be more normal for a transition project, than to transition itself as needed?

An ICO in 2020? For such a project? Why ?

With nearly 80 employees and 120 customers, WPO does not correspond to the usual companies of this mode of financing. An ICO is in itself an offer to the public and this is the vision of WPO. With a global problem such as the energy crisis, everyone must be able to express themselves and take action. Do you remember the 4 GoCerts? Their number is not limited, the community can indeed, thanks to the WPO infrastructures, set up new GoCerts. Gone are the days of B2B where large groups think about our future for us. Hello, the time of B2C which allows, thanks to the decentralization of the Blockchain, to provide global initiatives at its level.

Alone we go faster, together we go further.”, African proverb

And this is where you come in dear viewers, you too can make your contribution. You too can help build a better world by knowing through transparency what is going on. You can make a difference.

But maybe you want to know more about the project beforehand? I understand you, I had the same reaction. Between us, who is better placed for you to talk about WPO than Barthelemy Rouer its CEO? No one, we are okay! So find his interview without further delay!

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