Market Sentiment: “A Vaccine Overreaction?”

Prices and market sentiment shoot up. Nevertheless, there could still be enough potential buyers for further price gains.

Relief and surrender meet in the stock market. The DAX has gained a good 10 percent on a weekly basis, which led 8 percent of professional investors to reposition themselves, partly with the bulls, partly with the bears. 9 percent of private investors gave up their short exposure. Involuntarily, as Joachim Goldberg suspects. The market sentiment is well above zero at +24 and +25 points.

The behavioral economist relativizes the impression of dangerous optimism. In relative terms, one could not speak of euphoria, presumably some of the professionals would have taken profits spontaneously during the week. It is also more likely that international capital is the driver of the latest price gains. The bottom line is that Goldberg believes a year-end sprint is still possible.

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