In these cities, students can still find part-time jobs

The job situation is currently bleak for students. Throughout Germany, the number of vacancies for them has decreased much more than for employees in general, as the job platform Indeed announced. In early September, student job ads were down 51 percent from 2019. The minus for all job advertisements was 21 percent. “In times of crisis, students are the first to be avoided in order to be able to secure the core workforce first,” said Annina Hering from the Indeed Hiring Lab.

How many students became unemployed during the Corona crisis is shown by the number of search queries. “The search for student jobs is currently significantly (plus 47 percent) above the development of the previous year,” reported the job platform at the end of October.

Part-time jobs for students

In some regions, however, students have a much better chance of finding a new job. Indeed researched the decline in student job opportunities in the 14 most populous cities. The bandwidth ranges from minus 24 percent to minus 57 percent.

Students in regions with a severe slump can still find what they are looking for, especially when looking for a home office job. They are currently looking much more often than employees in general for jobs that can be done regardless of where the employer is based, as the Indeed evaluation has shown. “Students show a comparatively high degree of flexibility here and thus react creatively to the situation on the job market,” said Hering.

There are still student jobs here

It encouraged those affected for the time after the pandemic. The current disadvantage for students could then turn into an advantage: “They are seen as cheap and flexible workers and can fill positions that companies do not (yet) want to advertise as temporary or even permanent positions.”

In some industries, the demand for students in the Covid 19 crisis has even increased since the end of May, as Indeed announced at the end of October:

  • Upbringing and education: 84 percent
  • Delivery and parcel services: 75 percent
  • Retail: 68 percent
  • Warehouse logistics: 56 percent

Most part-time jobs are still advertised for students in these ten cities.

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