Old Amsterdam introduces new matured cheese with a poem

The new commercial revolves around a poem in which an ode is paid to the new cheese. The character of the city of Amsterdam is linked to the layered taste notes of Old Amsterdam Matured: salty as the IJ, sweet as music and spicy as Pride. The cheese is based on the award-winning, traditional recipe of Old Amsterdam Original, but has a milder taste than you are used to from Old Amsterdam. The layered taste distinguishes Old Amsterdam Matured from other matured cheeses, which traditionally have a somewhat flatter flavor profile.

Not just any matured cheese
Diana van der Meulen, responsible for the campaign at Old Amsterdam, about the new product and the campaign: ‘There are many types of matured cheese. We wanted to introduce a cheese that is suitable for different eating moments in a day, but only if we could really add something special to the cheese range. Thanks to the layering in taste of Old Amsterdam Matured, salty, slightly sweet and yet spicy, this was successful. We are proud of the way in which the poem links the taste of cheese to special places in the city that are inextricably linked to our brand. Through the campaign we want to show in a stylish way that Old Amsterdam Matured is not just any matured cheese. ‘

The poem in the new commercial is as follows:

Forget what you know about mature cheese.

Let your senses witness a taste that amazes.

Salty as the IJ that flows to free water.

Sweet as music that dreams through theater.

Spicy like Pride, by no means shy.

Taste the distinct character of Old Amsterdam Matured.

A cheese for all eating moments
Old Amsterdam Matured is launched in slices, pieces and grated cheese. This makes the cheese suitable for various eating moments in a day, because matured cheese is of course not only eaten on a sandwich. Old Amsterdam Matured can be easily combined due to the layered taste. For example during a drink with a tasty chutney or in a tasty oven dish with melted matured cheese. Old Amsterdam Matured is now available at supermarkets throughout the Netherlands with the exception of Albert Heijn, according to the relevant marketers. The new Old Amsterdam campaign has been developed in collaboration with DDB Unlimited and can be seen from today. The introduction is supported in various ways, such as on TV, online, social and via Out of Home POS.


Agency: DDB Unlimited

Concept, Art & Copy: Maarten Remmers & Wouter Voges

Production: Robin Mak

Account: Danny van de Wetering, Luanne Quax

Strategy: Frank Huiberts

Production company: Chuck Studios

About Old Amsterdam
‘Old Amsterdam believes that what is made with craftsmanship and conviction is recognized and recognized by people with a nose for real quality. An independent research institute was faced with an impossible task by the Westland family: develop a recipe for the tastiest old cheese. A cheese with ripening crystals and a spicy taste, which is still creamy and sliceable. The result? A patented process in which knowledge across borders was combined with Dutch common sense. Old Amsterdam is characterized by passionate cheese makers who make a difference with pride and dedication. For more than 35 years, the authentic taste has been recognized with international awards. For more information see: ‘
(source: OA)

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