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Collaboration rather than competition: Will ResearchHub create a better world by encouraging cooperation among scientists?

The CEO of Coinbase has praised such an initiative rewarding scientists for their publication and their “team spirit”.

ResearchHub has developed a token, one of the mechanisms of which has a common point with that of Bitcoin (BTC) little clue, it happens about every 4 years.

A scientific crypto

The platform ResearchHub managed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), aims to encourage collaboration between scientists, and to also fund their research.

She threw the token ResearchCoin (RSC) in July 2020, for scientists who received a positive vote for their publications or research contributions.

The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong congratulated the initiative in his tweet on October 29, 2020: “It’s great – you can now earn cryptocurrency by contributing to science. Excellent example of the new types of crypto start-ups emerging ”.

ResearchHub Brian Armstrong

Source : Image via Twitter

The scientific director of the platform, Patrick joyce, gave more details on ResearchCoin.

The latter in addition to providing funds for scientific research grants to holders of voting rights within the DAO.

ResearchCoin halving

Patrick Joyce also indicated the establishment of a weekly distribution of a quantity of one million RSC to users of ResearchHub.

The quantity distributed is made in proportion to the number of positive votes that each scientist receives from the community for his publications or contributions during the week.

The first distribution is scheduled to take place on November 8, 2020.

This weekly distribution of RSC adds to the reward mechanism of 1 RSC by positive vote.

The reward rate will periodically decrease by half – a mechanism similar to the halving of BTC – until the rewards are “redundant”.

This measure makes perfect sense according to Joyce, the primary objective of ResearchHub above all is to encourage collaboration between scientists.


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Vote for a publication, a contribution: does scientific work really lend itself to this type of game? Is offering an RSC token really the best way to encourage scientific collaboration – it would all be a question of money ? A blockchain to store data on empirical facts from all over the world on different phenomena, wouldn’t it be more useful? The decentralization of scientific research to advance science: a great theory to be demonstrated scientifically.


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