BioNTech share: COVID-19 vaccine BNT162 shines, but the share price disappoints – what now?

You can turn it around as you want, but the BioNTech share may have had a disappointing development on the stock market yesterday for one or the other. And that, although the Mainz biotech company and its partner Pfizer have achieved something that Pfizer boss Albert Bourla did not exactly put down: “Today is a very special day for science and humanity,” said the Pfizer manager the good data, achieved with the COVID-19 vaccine candidate BNT162 in the pivotal clinical trial. Not only that the first vaccine against the pandemic pathogen, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, is almost ready and the application for approval for BNT162 should be submitted in a few days, the mRNA technology was also a “sideline” used a new class of therapeuticsthat will also be used in tumor treatment. And, anything but unimportant: BNT162 achieved good data in the study!

And yet, despite the important breakthrough in combating the pandemic and Bourla’s big words that could be read everywhere – on a euro basis, BioNTech shares did not make a new all-time high with yesterday’s daily high of 100.78 euros. That is 102 euros and was reached in mid-March. On a dollar basis, the BioNTech share on the NASDAQ yesterday achieved a price increase to 115 dollars and thus at least a new all-time high. But the closing price at 104.80 dollars is in the range of the previous top, quoted at 105 dollars. This shows above all the advance praise for BioNTech, which was already distributed here in advance.

The news won’t stop for now. BioNTech and Pfizer are expected to have all the data together in the third week of November to apply for emergency approvals for BNT162 from the authorities. In addition to the recently published efficacy data, the production and safety of the vaccine also play a role. According to all the information available so far, this should not be a stumbling block for BNT162 on the way to the approval application. Then it is the turn of the authorities to actually approve the vaccine. “In addition to the vaccine efficacy data generated in the clinical trial, Pfizer and BioNTech also plan to submit vaccine safety and manufacturing data to the FDA. This is to demonstrate the safety and quality of the vaccine. Based on current delivery forecasts, we expect to produce up to 50 million vaccine doses worldwide in 2020 and up to 1.3 billion doses in 2021, ”said BioNTech and Pfizer about the further process.

If you look at the BioNTech share chart, you can now see two strong signal marks near the current price. The role of the 105 mark as a possibly decisive resistance to BioNtech’s share price has already been described. Number two of the two brands is the strong technical support zone below the BioNTech share yesterday’s low, which was quoted at $ 98.51. This is where the support area starts and extends to $ 95.44 / $ 97.29 – the last high of the biotech share reached in mid-October.

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