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Soccer. The ball flies into the net gate

Sorare welcomes FC Bayern Munich on its platform. The latter is the third club in the Bundesliga to join the platform.

Germans are particularly fond of fantasy football games: the country ranks 4th in terms of platform users and 3rd in terms of time spent on Sorare.

Sorare scores a new goal

On November 10, 2020, FC Bayern Munich, champion of Bundesliga 2020, announces a partnership with the fantasy football platform Sorare, for the creation of limited edition digital cards for club players.

More than 100 clubs have joined the platform, including the Juventus, theAtletico de Madrid and the Paris Saint Germain.

These virtual cards can be exchanged between collectors, just like physical cards.

A player’s score on the map depends on their performance in matches, whether they are in the Bundesliga or those of the Champions League.

The CEO of Sorare, Nicolas Julia, indicates that the platform can boast the support of 3 champions ofEurope and now has a global reach.

900,000 EUR in sales in 1 month thanks to the cards

Sorare is designed on the network Ethereum (ETH) and generates collectibles unique that cannot be duplicated.

The blockchain guarantees the digital scarcity of cards and makes it possible to determine who owns them at a given moment.

But cards are actually more than collectibles. A user can create their own fantasy football team to be competitive and earn rewards every week.

Since the launch of its version Beta in December 2019, the number of users grew by 52% per month, with 45,000 users worldwide.

Sorare generated nearly $ 2.5 million in revenue from the sale of digital cards in just over a year. It recorded 900,000 EUR in sales in October 2020 alone.

In July 2020, the platform announced a fundraising of 4 million euros. The platform is funded by, Partech, Kima Ventures and Seedcamp.


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Manuel Neuer, Kingsley Coman and Robert Lewandowski are now found on Ethereum. FC Bayern Munich, always focused on innovation, can offer new engaging experiences for its fans through the digital cards of its players. Sorare is expanding its collection of prestigious clubs on its platform to the delight of cryptocurrency and football enthusiasts.


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