Where you can invest your savings profitably

Sitting on a lot of money can make retirement more relaxed – if you know how to invest it correctly.
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If you are middle-aged and save money, you should consider the taxation of the investment. The options often differ significantly in terms of taxes and interest. Those who put their money in cleverly are better off at the beginning of retirement.

D.The rounding off of retirement provision is not easy at the moment for investors who see retirement on the horizon but will still be employed for a few more years. On the one hand, people between the ages of 50 and 60 are in the fortunate position of shoveling a few more coals, but on the other hand, when considering what to do with the money, numerous questions arise. That is usually due to three things. Firstly, no one-off investments, only savings contracts, secondly, the interest for safe investments is in the basement, and thirdly, the tax office plays an important role because the contracts are taxed very differently. The following case illustrates the challenges.

A tax advisor is 55 years old. The man is married and the couple have two children who have grown up and go their own ways. Half a year ago, investors paid off the last loan. Now around 2000 euros are available every month. The money is to flow into retirement provision. Initially, the installments should be accumulated in one pot for ten years. After that, the loot should be “somehow” retired.

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