Miljuschka launches clothing line at Wehkamp

Miljuschka Witzenhausen launches its first clothing line under the name “Miljuschka by Wehkamp”, which will be available at Wehkamp from 13 November. This first collection consists of limited edition dresses, especially for the holidays.

In March 2021 Miljuschka will launch its next collection at Wehkamp, ​​with spring / summer dresses.

According to Wehkamp, ​​it has always been a dream of Miljuschka to launch his own clothing line

This collaboration with Wehkamp is therefore perfect for her. Miljuschka Witzenhausen: “I am so very happy with this multi-year collaboration! It’s no secret that having your own clothing line with inclusive sizing was at the top of my wish list. Wehkamp is the right partner for me in the field of product development, creativity, entrepreneurship and their impressive online presence. “

Glenn Taylor, Chief Buying and Sales Officer at Wehkamp: “This clothing line is a perfect fit for our customer, we are pleased to be able to launch this together with Miljuschka. The festive dress collection is a foretaste of the Miljuschka by Wehkamp collection that we will be launching in March. We want to offer our customers an inspiring range, and this collection will certainly succeed. “

In the coming years Witzenhausen and Wehkamp will launch several inspiring collections. This step is in line with Wehkamp’s ambition to offer customers a range that cannot be found anywhere else.


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