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More success with #slimmedata

In order to serve customers well, organizations are increasingly using data. Because data provides insights that help to get to know customers better. Insights to provide tailored services, make appropriate offers and drive repeat business. Such as the Address in Image application, which provides organizations with direct insight into various customer profiles, based on the address data.

Success for
One of the organizations that uses Address is Image is the online paint shop Through a simple link between their database and Adres in Beeld, the data of both existing and new customers is immediately enriched with useful, address-related insights. Rogier Goed, co-owner of, says: “Of course we also had analyzes ourselves. But they did not go very deep. Thanks to Adres in Beeld we now have a lot of information about the address of a customer. That it is, for example, a corner house, has a garden and a gabled roof. And that the residents at these addresses are generally prepared to invest a little more in high-quality paint. ”

Immediately a suitable offer
The big advantage is that now immediately sees what the top 3 customer segment is. And that they can offer these customers a personalized offer, adapted to their specific situation. To then apply up- and cross-sell tactics, for example with an extra extensive, suitable offer.

Corona peak
Sudden changes in demand or in the customer base are also immediately apparent. As it turned out during the first corona period. Orders shot through the ceiling and was three times busier than normal. Rogier explains: “Adres in Beeld has been able to chart really nicely that we had a shift in target group during the corona period. In any case, with a doubling of shipments to Belgium. But we also saw a shift in the type of customer. Customers with a smaller fair who normally go to the construction market, for example, now started ordering from us. A completely new target group. We were able to use those insights directly for our advertisements. ”

Personalize customer moments
The next step is currently being considered. Rogier: “You simply have to surprise people, otherwise you will not make a difference compared to other parties. For example, we are the highest-rated paint webshop. But basically we don’t do that many innovative things. We now have 100% more insight into who our customer is. I would love to link those data insights from PostNL to marketing tooling. In order to have a clear picture of visitors to our website, to segment them and to approach them more personally. With the ultimate goal of achieving 40-50% growth. ”

PostNL as a data expert
As the largest logistics service provider in the Benelux, we can provide the connection between all available data. We visit all streets of the Netherlands every day, at both consumers and companies. This creates new information every day. We bring this together with the best available data on the market, which provides valuable insights. We convert this knowledge into practical, digital solutions that contribute to the success of the e-commerce entrepreneur. As with the smart marketing data from Adres in beeld. This is a powerful marketing tool full of valuable features and customer insights per address, which can be added to a database or CRM system with an API link.

Insight into 7.7 million addresses
Address in Image gives you accurate insight into all more than 7.7 million addresses in the Netherlands and clusters this data into 11 segments (consumer profiles) and 59 sub-segments. By linking this data to your customer base, you have a large number of address-level attributes in one go. With Address in Image, even real-time segmentation by means of an API on your website is possible. This way you can tailor your communication perfectly to your customers and improve your conversion with a personal, relevant offer.

4 shortcuts to successful business with smart data
We help companies to be successful every day. By combining the smartest – data-based – digital solutions with the familiar face in the street. Want to know how you can do more with smart data? View our tips in the whitepaper on smart data for e-commerce here.

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