BioNTech: Great success in the Covid study

BioNTech and Pfizer will publish an interim analysis of their Covid-19 vaccine research at noon. The vaccine candidate they have developed is therefore effective in more than 90 percent of cases. In the first evaluation of a phase III study, 94 study participants are examined. In total, the study includes more than 43,000 subjects.

The filing of an emergency approval with the FDA is pending soon, the necessary milestone regarding safety is still awaiting. In the third week of November it should be so far.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bouria commented on the announcement: “Today is a very special day for science and humanity. The preliminary results from our phase 3 vaccine study provide initial indications that our vaccine protects against COVID-19 disease. ”

BioNTech boss and founder Ugur Sahin adds: “The first interim analysis of our global phase 3 study indicates that a vaccine can prevent COVID-19. When we embarked on this journey ten months ago, that was exactly what we wanted to achieve. We will continue to collect additional data as the process continues for a final analysis. “


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