The largest corporations with a boss at the top

The headlines in October 2020 sounded anachronistic and they were. “Finally a Dax boss,” was the headline in the media when Jennifer Morgan took office at the software company SAP. Half a year later everything was the same in the world of the 30 largest listed companies in Germany. This time the headlines read: “First Dax boss gone again.” Morgan had to leave the SAP dual leadership in the wake of the Corona crisis.

Few female CEOs

The rest of the world doesn’t look much better. Only 14 of the 500 largest corporations worldwide are run by women bosses. The glass ceiling is currently at 40th place. Above that, there is no female CEO to be found in the Fortune Global 500.

But maybe that will change. Many of the bosses on this list are relatively new to office. They seem to be successful too. In the 2019 financial year, six of the ten companies with the highest turnover in the ranking recorded a loss. Of the ten largest corporations with a female CEO, only three had to report a drop in sales.

These are the ten largest companies in the world with a female boss.


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