How do I protect my child’s legacy with a disability?

Until their death, parents can offer their child with Down syndrome more than social assistance. And then?
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People who receive social benefits are almost not allowed to have any wealth. If parents want to bequeath money to a child with a disability, they need a special will.

D.aniel was never as quick as other children his age. The seventeen year old today has difficulty speaking, has poor hearing and has a heart defect. Daniel has Down syndrome, his intellectual disability and his physical malformations are congenital. Even if he has already caught up through therapy, Daniel will probably never be able to make a living himself. But he obviously wants to take part in social life. Daniel is happy and likes to dance, he has a “sunny disposition”.

People like Daniel receive integration grants from the state so that they can better participate in social life. During their lifetime, parents can also improve their child’s quality of life, for example by financing a vacation or a hobby. But what happens after she dies? “Parents of children with disabilities absolutely need a will,” says lawyer Barbara Brauck. The specialist lawyer for inheritance law from Geisenheim, herself the mother of a 22-year-old son with Down’s syndrome, adds: “This will for the disabled should be different from all other common wills.”

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