Bayer: Good news from the USA

Bayer reported US news on Monday – but not in connection with Monsanto, but the pharmaceutical division. According to the company, it has submitted applications for approval to the FDA for Finerenone for the treatment of chronic kidney disease in type 2 diabetes. The FDA has to make a decision on the approval of the drug within one year. The application is based on the positive results of the phase III study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Bayer said.

“As more than 160 million people suffer from chronic kidney disease and type 2 diabetes, and the prevalence of type 2 diabetes continues to rise, there is a need for action: Chronic kidney disease represents a serious global challenge for the healthcare system,” says Jörg Möller , Member of the Executive Committee of the Pharmaceuticals Division at Bayer AG and Head of Research and Development.

“Despite recent advances in treatment, many patients with chronic kidney disease and type 2 diabetes remain at high risk of their disease progressing to kidney failure or premature death,” said Professor George L. Bakris, MD, Department of Medicine , American Heart Association Comprehensive Hypertension Center, University of Chicago Medicine, USA, and lead author of the FIDELIO-DKD study. “Finerenone works differently from previous therapies and, if approved, offers a potential new treatment option to slow the progression of the disease,” said Bakris.

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