Albert Heijn introduces new apple in the Netherlands

The new apple comes from the fruit growing areas of the Betuwe, Zeeland, Noord-Brabant, Limburg, Utrecht and Flevoland. The regular AH growers involved harvested about 400,000 kilos of this juicy, full-sweet, crunchy apple with a tart and bite for the first time this autumn.

Customers increasingly prefer fresh and local products. We are meeting this need with the launch of Sprank. We want customers to be able to buy products with confidence that meet their expectations. In addition, it confirms the craftsmanship of our apple supplier and our local apple growers – with whom we have been working with for over 50 years, ‘says Constantijn Ninck Blok, Fresh Director at Albert Heijn.

Kees Vogelaar, director of supplier Vogelaar Vredehof says: ‘The sparkle stands out because of the exceptionally good taste. It is a robust variety with stronger trees, so that the apples retain their hardness well, which ensures a permanently tasty bite. The growers have an eye for biodiversity during cultivation by creating flower borders for bees and using beneficial insects to combat harmful pests. ‘ Thanks to the collaboration, Albert Heijn can offer its customers a qualitative, innovative and, above all, tasty apple and Vogelaar Vredehof and the growers have controlled and guaranteed sales.

Features Sprank
According to the growers, this apple is exactly like the Dutch like to taste an apple: deliciously juicy and full of sweetness with a little acidity and a tasty bite. The growers leave the apples hanging on the tree just a little longer, so that they create their own taste. Sprank is packaged in sustainable packaging and is also available separately.

Why the name Sprank?
According to AH: ‘A real sparkling apple. The name and appearance are Dutch, light, modern, playful, timeless and have character. Spark sounds juicy and crunchy. The meaning lies in the vicinity of tingling, sparkling and inspiring. This includes infectious cheerfulness. The reference to sparkling gives something fresh and innovative to the apple. So it really is a new apple. The fact that the name is short gives something tough. Spark associates with (sun) light and a refreshing spring breeze. ‘

That’s what the editors would say MarketingTribune would like to add: ‘Brand name fits well with this time. A nest egg. And a ray of hope. ‘
(PvWK, photo: AH)


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