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US Election Trump’s tweet rage

Wednesday 0.45 am: “I will make a statement. A great VICTORY! “

Classification: While the first by-election surveys are being evaluated and the first ballot papers are being counted, Trump does what he announced in the run-up to the election: declare himself the winner that evening. You’re used to such derailments on Twitter. But he does it again with his statement in the White House.

Wednesday 0.49 am: “We are FAR ahead, but they are trying to STEAL the choice. We will not allow that. “

Classification: Only a fraction of the votes cast has been recorded, but Trump has already declared that his lead cannot be caught. The US president had repeatedly claimed that a defeat was almost impossible for him under regular conditions. He does not provide reliable evidence for his allegation or evidence. This is probably one of the reasons why the message from Twitter is provided with the following warning: Some or all of the content shared in this tweet is controversial and potentially misleading as to how to participate in an election or other civic process.

Wednesday 10:04 am: “Last night I was in the front, often clearly, in many crucial states, most of them led and controlled by Democrats. Then, one by one, they magically disappeared as surprise ballots were counted. VERY SUSPICIOUS.”

Classification: Trump once again shows his contempt for democratic processes when they do not work in his favor. It is common for projections to change and for the counting of ballot papers to take time. For the US President, however, it is apparently a scandal that all legally cast votes should be taken into account. Twitter also adds a standard warning to this message.

Wednesday 10.17 am: “How can it be that the counting of absentee votes are so burdensome in terms of their percentages and their destructive power?”

Classification: In the run-up, Trump stated repeatedly and without reliable evidence that the postal vote was illegitimate and called on his supporters to personally visit their polling stations on election day. Accordingly, more Democrats than Republicans, who in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, took advantage of the lower-risk opportunity to take part in the vote by letter – the course of the count shows that it was so. But even before the election, polls made it clear that more Democrats would vote by letter. That’s why Trump also tried to cast doubts about this path of voter participation and to weaken the US Post.

11.55am Wednesday: “You can find votes for Biden everywhere – Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. So bad for our country! “

Classification: Usually the ballot papers from the polling stations are evaluated first, then those submitted by post. Given the fact already mentioned – more Republicans voted personally, more Democrats by letter – means that the proportion of votes for the Democratic challenger Joe Biden increases in many states the further the count goes on.

Wednesday 12:01 pm: “You are working hard to make our lead of 500,000 votes in Pennsylvania disappear – as soon as possible. Just as in Michigan and elsewhere! “

Classification: A little later, Trump calls for voting to be stopped in Pennsylvania and Michigan, because Biden is either catching up there or even overtaking the incumbent. In Wisconsin, on the other hand, where he is behind, the US president demands a recount. Twitter writes again: Some or all of the content shared in this tweet is controversial and potentially misleading as to how to participate in an election or other civic process.

Wednesday 1:52 p.m .: “We’re clearly winning in Pennsylvania, but the state minister there is just saying that ‘Millions of ballot papers still have to be counted’.”

Classification: It may sound crazy to Trump, but that’s just common in democracies – all votes that are cast on time should also be evaluated and registered. The Secretary of State is responsible for running the election in each state. In Pennsylvania, that’s Democrat Kathy Boockvar. She had asked the state parliament months ago to amend the electoral laws so that at least a preparation for the postal vote count is possible. In Parliament, however, the Republicans have a majority. They blocked the initiative.

Wednesday 4:56 pm: “For the purposes of voting, we have declared ourselves victorious in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina, there is a BIG leadership for Trump everywhere. In addition, we will also declare ourselves the winners in Michigan in the event that a large number of ballot papers have been secretly disposed of, as has been widely reported! “

Classification: Even Trump’s house broadcaster Fox News declares challenger Joe Biden the winner in Michigan (according to the Fox News count, Biden has currently won 264 voters, Trump 214; the majority is 270). The president doesn’t care. He announces his success in Michigan and points out that he once led clearly. He also uses ballot papers that were supposedly secretly removed in order to undermine the legitimacy of his defeat. (The basis for this false claim is ultimately a typo. More on that here.) Again, Twitter: Some or all of the content shared in this tweet is controversial and possibly misleading with regard to voting in one election or another civic process.

Wednesday 6:26 p.m .: “Our lawyers asked for ‘relevant access’, but what’s the point? The integrity of the system has already been damaged, as has the presidential election. One should talk about it! “

Classification: Trump sticks: If he doesn’t win, something must be wrong. He does not need proof for this, at least he does not provide any evidence for his assertion – as otherwise.

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