Investors on Twitter and Co .: Tech values ​​are very popular

Twitter logo in the trading room of the New York Stock Exchange: Investors discuss the election results and the consequences for share prices on social media.
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During the presidential election in America, the impact on stock values ​​will also be discussed on social media. An overview shows which titles are particularly in focus.

D.he presidential election in America between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has also caused sharp price fluctuations on the stock exchange. In social networks like Twitter or Facebook and forums like Reddit, speculation was not only wild about the possible outcome of the election, but also about the possible consequences for certain stock values. An overview by the company Stockpulse provides information about which stock market values ​​have been talked about a lot since the election began.

With the help of big data and artificial intelligence, the analysts at Stockpulse evaluate data on Twitter or reactions from the Reddit forum in order to get a picture of the mood of the market. Deutsche Börse and the American technology exchange Nasdaq use the analyzes. Two data points in particular play an important role: the so-called buzz value and the sentiment. While the buzz shows how much a stock is in the focus of market participants, the sentiment suggests what attitude the vast majority of market participants have – i.e. positive, neutral or negative.


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