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A research team from the University of Hildesheim wanted to know how students coped with the first digital summer semester 2020. For the study “Stu.diCo. – Studying digitally in times of Corona ”, according to the authors, more than 3000 students shared their experiences via online questionnaires in July 2020. These are some of the key lessons.

# 1 criticism of online studies

The experience with the first online semester was obviously not good. Almost six out of ten respondents said they found it very bad (37 percent) or bad (23 percent) if the winter semester were also to be run digitally (this was not yet certain at the time of the survey). A little more than one in five (22 percent), however, found another digital semester good (twelve percent) or very good (eleven percent). 18 percent had no preference.

# 2 Biggest advantages of digital teaching

According to the study participants, these were the three biggest advantages of studying from home:

  1. more flexibility in work organization: 63 percent
  2. no more travel: 56 percent
  3. Getting to know new digital methods: 21 percent

# 3 Biggest Cons of Online Study

  1. no direct contact with others: 82 percent
  2. more independent learning: 48 percent
  3. poorer compatibility of family responsibilities and studies: 29 percent

# 4 Flat share or parents

According to the survey, 21.0 percent of students in the digital semester moved back to their parents in order to save rent and / or have a social network. This resulted in this living situation:

  • Living with the families: 39 percent
  • Apartment with partner: 18.8 percent
  • Shared apartment: 15.7 percent
  • own apartment: 12.6 percent
  • Dormitory: 3.4 percent

# 5 Student financial condition

Many students lost their part-time jobs in the pandemic. In return, there were new savings opportunities. As already mentioned, this concerned the rent, travel expenses and meals on campus. This is how the respondents assessed their financial situation in the online summer semester:

  • I have just as much money as before: 52 percent
  • I have less money than before: 37 percent
  • I have more money than before: eleven percent

# 6 More advice needed for students

The study found: The need for advice among students has increased during the Corona crisis. This ranges from questions to the lecturer and advice on the course of studies to psychological help. First-year students, in particular, would suffer from being unable to socialize. “But even higher-semester students suffer from the ‘grueling loneliness’ and want support”, for example for self-motivation or emotional support, says the study. The authors therefore called for advisory services to be expanded.

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