Ximen Mining will be broadcast 12 times a day on BNN Bloomberg TV for 4 weeks

Day 1: + 30%

Yesterday, when the price of gold made a dazzling comeback, rising by $ 50, the following television commercial from Ximen Mining Corp. aired. (TSX.V: XIM; Frankfurt: 1XMA, WKN: A2JBKL) at the North American broadcaster BNN Bloomberg:

(See video on Rockstone Research website)

The Ximen share rose in yesterday’s trading on the Canadian home exchange from $ 0.37 to up to $ 0.55 (+ 49%). With a daily volume of 308,000 shares, the closing price was $ 0.48 (+ 30% compared to the previous day). An impressive 207,675 shares were also traded in Germany yesterday (closing price EUR 0.313 on Tradegate).

Upon request from the company, the 30-second commercial is to be broadcast a total of 12 times a day on television (not online!) – for a whole month or the next 30 days, including on the weekend

• If the company is so well received by viewers on the first day of the broadcast and the stock performs so strongly, then the next few weeks should be spectacular, especially if good news is published by Ximen during this time, such as. the successful repair of the high grade Kenville Gold underground mine or drill results from Ximen’s other ultra high grade gold projects.

• If a well-known and large television station like Bloomberg accepts and broadcasts a commercial from a prospective gold producer with a stock market valuation of just $ 33 million, then this alone shows a certain quality (with regard to the stock) thanks to conscientious quality control on the part of Bloomberg .

• And if Ximen does announce groundbreaking developments around its projects over the next few weeks, then the television advertising should make all the more sense. In any case, we shareholders can look forward to it!

• Even if everything took longer than expected, the time now seems ripe for something big! Not for nothing they say: good things take time! Ximen has done its homework masterfully and is poised to become the industry leader in environmentally conscious, ultra-high grade underground gold mines in Canada. Well noticed with currently only 66 million shares in the market. Chapeau! Technical perspective

The “Gap” from May 2020 ($ 0.36-0.43) closed successfully over the past few weeks as this support zone held during the correction, which started a new and strong uptrend for Ximen shares:

Whenever the blue curve (60-day moving average) could be exceeded after a correction, a new and strong upward trend followed, so that a rapid price increase over the $ 0.70 mark shouldn’t come as a surprise:

The long-term chart since 2015 shows that the Ximen share was caught in a sideways consolidation for several years. The final dissolution movement from such a triangle is all the more spectacular: a so-called. Thrustwhich, by definition, aims to reach the resistant triangular high ($ 1.10) into support so that a new and long-term upward trend can begin. As soon as “the last hurdle” (yellow-dashed resistance at $ 0.55) has been passed, a strong uptrend can be expected:

Gold and silver price correction over: USD on the brink!

The USD gold price corrected quite strongly in the last few days, but a hold on the (green-dashed) support line could be found – just like in June, whereupon the gold price started to rise rapidly. The correction since August followed the same pattern as the correction in April-June: within the limbs of a (red) triangle. The thrust started a few days ago and rose above the (green) resistance at $ 1920 yesterday. Next overarching goal: Rise to the $ 2100 resistance to convert it into support, whereupon a strong rise can be expected. The trading volume has increased noticeably and the accompanying indicators (TRIX and MACD) have already indicated a change in trend and should now tend to rise again from their respective lows:

While the gold price rose by 2.5% yesterday, it lost USD index a whopping 1% (a rarity in the currency market, which often heralds a longer-term trend change). The USD index is currently at an explosive point: As soon as the current support is undercut at 92 points, a strong downward trend can be expected, which should result in disproportionately high gold prices. Yesterday the USD index fell to 92.52 points, so the important $ 92 support is currently being tested and a technical break should have serious consequences in the form of a strong and longer-term downtrend:

The Barron’s Gold Mining Index (BGMI) shows that gold stocks have started an explosive phase and are only at the beginning of a multi-year upward trend compared to previous bull markets:

Company details

Ximen Mining Corp.
888 Dunsmuir Street – Suite 888
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 3K4

Shares in the market: 68,599,684

Canada Symbol (TSX.V): XIM
Current Price: $ 0.48 CAD (11/05/2020)
Market Personal-Financial.comization: $ 33M CAD

Germany code / WKN (Tradegate): 1XMA / A2JBKL
Current Price: € 0.313 EUR (11/05/2020)
Market capitalization: € 22 million

Rockstone Research
Stephan Bogner (Dipl. Kfm.)
8260 Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

Disclaimer: Please read the full disclaimer in the full research report as a PDF on the Rockstone Research website, as fundamental risks and conflicts of interest prevail. The author, Stephan Bogner, is employed by Zimtu Corp. paid, with part of the author’s responsibilities being researching and writing about companies that Zimtu is invested in. While the author may not have been paid and hired directly by the company being analyzed, the author’s employer, Zimtu, would benefit from stock price increases at Ximen Mining Corp. benefit. In addition, the author owns shares of Ximen Mining Corp. and Zimtu Corp., and would therefore benefit from stock price increases as well. Ximen Mining Corp. pays Zimtu Corp. or the author for the creation and distribution of reports and company news.

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