Why American yields rise despite the crisis

The New York Stock Exchange: Investors could benefit from rising yields.
Image: dpa

Even more than the stock markets, the bond markets often have a keen sense of what is in the air and what is coming. This is why the development of US Treasuries is exciting and remarkable.

D.he battle seems to be over. Unless something wild happens, Donald Trump will not be able to prevent the new Democratic President Joe Biden. That would make it easier for me. I’m tired of mischief being served up every day. As I write these sentences, I remember that I had made up my mind not to mention the American elections today.

After all, I know all too well that my emotions can run away. After all, the elections dominate the headlines anyway – even before, that means something, the pandemic. But even and especially as an analyst, one cannot avoid this epoch-making event. After all, a presidential election in the United States always has a significant impact on the financial markets, and even the upcoming new president does not make a big secret of the fact that he wants to change much of what Trump will leave him with.

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