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Pumpkin Halloween mug with candy corn on wood background.

Bitcoin (BTC) celebrated halloween by crossing the $ 14,000 mark – he also blew out his 12 candles.


Children were able to taste BTC for the first time. Was the experience sweet or bitter? The future of Bitcoin is brewing today.

Bitcoin does not give carries

Candy or Bitcoins ? Some children found a piece of inedible cardboard in their treat bags, representing a donation of Bitcoinnot sure that all the kids like it.

Cryptophyle Brad mills said in a tweet on October 31, 2020, that he had added gift cards BTC valued at $ 200 in candy boxes fromHalloween.

halloween kids candy Bitcoin BTC

Source : Image via Twitter

He then videotaped the reactions of the children in his neighborhood – Mills lives in Canada. Some children were able to identify the gift card BTCothers don’t.

Mills nevertheless underlines that the attitude of these Zoomers leads him to hope that this generation will one day understand what Bitcoin.

The young shoots of BTC

Regulations in many countries do not specifically prohibit minors from holding or trading cryptocurrency.

Most exchanges, however, require a piece of identification to ensure that their users are of legal age – not necessarily need to go through an exchange to have BTC.

Children have access to vending machines BTC but probably not to regulated exchanges to deposit their Bitcoins and exchange them for fiat currencies.

Bitcoiners reacted positively to Mills’ move, indicating that it was a way to educate them about the scarcity of BTC.

For the statistician Willy woo, this is a historic moment: when these children reach adulthood, there will be only 0.002 BTC left per person available.


An anonymous benefactor also distributed 1,000 USD in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in the town of Bakersfield in California.

There will only be a few Bitcoins available to Zoomers when they are adults. They will certainly be able to amass fiats en masse given the love governments have for printing money. The love of scarcity is not natural, it is acquired through education. Bitcoin is not a joke even though it was handed out in place of some candy during Halloween. The joke is rather to have a savings in fiats, and to see its value mechanically decrease with an inflation not controlled by their holders – the joys of centralizing the financial and monetary system.

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