Gasoline prices continue to decline

D.he fuel prices in Germany continue to decline. This is reported by the ADAC car club based on the evaluation of the prices of more than 14,000 gas stations. The price for Super E10 fell by 2.8 cents compared to the previous week and fell in the national average to 1.178 euros per liter. There has also been a decline in diesel: At the petrol pumps, the price for a liter has fallen by 1.2 cents compared to the week and averages 1.025 euros.

The price difference between the two fuels is reduced to 15.3 cents. Crude oil prices have an important influence on the development of fuel prices. In the wake of the American election, there is still a wait and see behavior on the financial markets. The price of a barrel of Brent crude is currently around $ 40. The dollar rate is just under $ 1.17 per euro.

In October diesel just got exceptionally cheap. The month was on average the cheapest month of fueling for diesel drivers to date, cheaper even than March. At times there was recently a liter of diesel for less than 1 euro.

The ADAC generally recommends that motorists compare fuel prices before refueling. If you take advantage of the sometimes considerable price differences between different petrol stations and times of day, you save real money. According to the car club, refueling is usually cheapest between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.


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