BioNTech share: days of truth

The enormous volatility that the BioNTech share has developed is likely to continue. This is not least due to the sheer barrage of press reports on the Mainz-based company and its COVID-19 vaccine candidate BNT162, which is being developed together with Pfizer. The results of a final large clinical test study for BNT162, which has provided convincing data in previous studies, should be available within the next few days. If these are also true in this study and the BioNTech / Pfizer duo can also prove the safety and quality of the vaccine and its production, the application for approval in the USA should be submitted in the third week of November at the earliest. In Europe, this is already running through the “Rollong Review” process.

They are facts that have been known since October 16th – 4investors already reported in detail on the corresponding statements by Pfizer boss Albert Bourla. Data that BioNTech boss Ugur Sahin confirmed again at the end of last week – and which has since been chasing through many press reports like a sensational orca, as if all of this was not known long ago.

Investors in BioNTech shares will have to live with the high level of nervousness on the stock exchange and the press for some time. A sober look at the chart of the biotech stock shows an improvement in the situation after the price slide from $ 92.79 to $ 75.35. On Friday a technically important hurdle in the area around the core brand at 85.05 / 85.50 dollars was overcome. Then there was a pullback, at 85.36 dollars (+0.65 percent) BioNTech’s share price went out of trading in the middle of the technical signal zone. If the Mainz company’s share price can move upwards from this zone today, this would be a clearly positive technical signal. In European trading, things are looking positive early this morning, BioNTech’s share price starts the day with a price increase.

While the zones around $ 85.05 / $ 85.50 and between $ 79.38 / $ 80.70 and $ 81.56 together with the smaller hurdle area around $ 77.40 / 78.00 are potential support levels for BioNTech’s stock price in the event of a price setback would be, the view is currently upwards. Between 88.30 / 88.50 dollars and 89.84 dollars and at 91.55 / 92.24 dollars the next technical hurdles would then be expected if the bullish trend prevails. So there are days of truth at BioNTech in several respects: For BNT162 and also for the share price, which will be massively influenced by the news about the COVID-19 vaccine in the next few weeks.


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