Bijenkorf collects festive clothing for the Dress for Success Foundation

Dress for Success arranges the sale and uses the proceeds to help even more people, De Bijenkorf reports.

Dress for Success Foundation
The global non-profit organization Dress for Success helps people achieve financial independence by providing representative clothing, a network of support and development tools. In the Netherlands, Dress for Success has several stores where men and women can go for suitable clothing and advice for a job interview, in order to increase their chances of employment. A wonderful collaboration, the social impact of which extends beyond offering opportunities on the labor market. Because we are giving clothing a second chance with this collection campaign, Dress for Success and de Bijenkorf contribute to a more circular economy. – Nina Dzjaboea, Buying Manager Women’s Fashion.

De Bijenkorf x Dress for Success
De Bijenkorf calls on visitors to hand in beautiful festive women’s clothing at the special collection points that are available in all the Bijenkorf stores throughout November. In addition to festive dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers and jackets, bags, shoes, jewelery and other accessories are also welcome. Dress for Success sells the collected clothing for a low price to women who now have a job thanks to the help of Dress for Success. The organization can use the proceeds to help even more people. Thanks to the wonderful collaboration between de Bijenkorf and Dress for Success, we can give many people with a small budget a nice outfit so that they can confidently leave a crushing first impression with a potential employer. ‘We are so proud and grateful for the collaboration between de Bijenkorf and Dress for Success’, concludes Corina Koekenbier, with the special job description ‘general manager Dress for Success’.


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