How to keep money together in old age

If you don’t pay attention, you may only be able to see your savings from a distance in old age.
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Instead of trusting banks, it would be better to take financial fate into your own hands. With a few simple tips from our author, seniors can avoid high investment costs and take a more relaxed approach to retirement.

W.white hair, 80 years old and a customer of a major bank? That’s a bit of a lot at once, and in case you want to find out why and how to get out of this number, you can get in the front row today and watch the drama up close. The protagonist is an 80-year-old gentleman from Hamburg, and the antagonist is the blue bank from Frankfurt. These are ideal prerequisites for the drama where the money went, and if you are interested in plays like this then you will be in for a treat today.

The old man was a successful lawyer in the Hanseatic city. So it’s no wonder that the man owns a home in Blankenese. Like its owner, the house is getting a bit old, but the property and the view of the Elbe are worth millions – of course absolutely debt-free. The retiree draws a pension of 4500 euros per month, and this is where the first ailments begin, if I may put it that way. The money goes on the house and health insurance, which is no big deal because the lawyer a. D. still has 1,200,000 euros in the account, more precisely in the deposit of the bank, which is passionate about it.


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