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ExclusiveMore than 1 million euros for the green fintech of an ex-rocket manager

Cooler Future is based in Helsinki, FinlandJaakko Kemppainen / Unsplash

The Greta effect is real, even in the financial markets. Sustainable investments are in demand like never before – and a fintech like the green Neobank Tomorrow was recently able to get its users to put 3 million euros into the company within a few hours. The trend is also evident in start-ups: According to information from Finance Forward, European investors are investing EUR 1.4 million in the German-Finnish start-up Cooler Future.

Founder Matti Rönkkö, a former manager of the Berlin start-up company Rocket Internet, builds three pillars for his business model: He wants to set up a green fund, build an innovative app for it and give his online community a platform. “People are already thinking a lot about a vegetarian diet and less travel by plane,” he says. “What the CO2 footprint of their savings looks like on the bank is not yet clear to many.” Until recently, he himself flew around 80 times a year – until the corona pandemic reached Europe.

How that should look in concrete terms and why Rönkkö initially only wants to sell its fund via its own app can be read today at Finance Forward, the finance portal of and OMR. You can register for the daily newsletter here.


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