Adyen: Greater reluctance

The transaction volume at Adyen increases in the third quarter by 26 percent to 77 billion euros. In terms of sales, there is an increase of 25 percent to 169.4 million euros. The EBITDA improves by 24 percent to 101.2 million euros.

The analysts of Deutsche Bank speak of a disappointment despite the best quarter of the year. The fourth quarter is viewed with slight reluctance. The new restrictions in Europe could also affect Adyen. The experts are therefore reducing their forecast transaction volume for the second half of the year by 15 percent.

They’re also not sure how Adyen can increase margins by expanding the workforce and expanding into new areas at the same time.

The experts stick to the hold recommendation for the shares of Adyen. The price target so far has been 1,050.00 euros. In the new study, it rises to 1,270.00 euros.

The shares of Adyen lose 2.0 percent in the morning to 1,489.50 euros.


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