Eterna calls creditors to the ballot box

Eterna plans to extend a bond due in March 2022 until June 2024. The bond has a volume of 25 million euros and has an annual interest rate of 7.75 percent. Nothing should change in these framework conditions.

The creditors have to vote on Eterna’s proposal. This is possible from November 16 to November 18 by voting without a meeting. A quorum of 50 percent must be achieved for the vote to be valid. If the quorum is not met, there could be a second vote.

Henning Gerbaulet, managing partner of Eterna, on the background: “With the planned extension of the existing financing mix, we are pursuing the goal of creating financial stability early on in the current phase as well as for the coming years. To this end, we consciously want to continue on our path with the capital market, where we have demonstrated an operationally successful development and a high debt service capacity in recent years.

Like the entire industry, Gerbaulet has been feeling the pandemic since spring: “At the same time, in view of the successful course of business in recent years, we see ourselves well positioned with our business model to master this challenging situation and continue our growth path in the future.”

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