BillionairesThe richest South Americans

America is top heavy when it comes to its super rich. In the US alone, there are 614 billionaires according to the current Forbes ranking. That is ten times more than in all of South America. Brazil is the undisputed billionaire stronghold on the continent. The country has 45 billionaires in the 2020 rich ranking, one more than Canada.

This means that two out of three super-rich in South America come from Brazil. Brazil has six billionaires in the top 10, three of whom owe their wealth to the same company. Colombia, on the other hand, was able to place two of its three billionaires in the top 10. The same is true of Venezuela’s only dollar billionaire. In Chile, only one of the country’s seven super-rich made it. But Chile stands out from the billionaire countries of South America.

According to Forbes, these are the richest South Americans:


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