Voltabox: margin shocker – liquidity is running out

After three quarters, Voltabox has a turnover of 13.3 million euros. The EBITDA is almost -21 million euros. The loss stands at 35 million euros, in the previous year there was a loss of 10 million euros.

The company has corrected its forecast. Previously, an EBITDA margin of -6 percent was assumed. Now a margin of -60 percent is believed to be possible.

Voltabox has great hopes for December 1st.

Then they want to present an innovative technology concept for lithium-ion batteries with the name Voltabox-Flow-Shape-Design. The focus is on weight and cost reductions. Too much information is still missing to really evaluate this project.

At the end of the third quarter, Voltabox still had liquid funds of 750,000 euros. Various financing options are currently being examined. The low cash balance is likely to lead to operational restrictions.

The FMR analysts leave the share “under review”. The price target is also currently suspended.

Voltabox shares gain 1.1 percent today to 3.64 euros.

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