TubeSolar: Analysts start monitoring the share

TubeSolar shares have been listed on the stock exchange since mid-February. The analysts at First Berlin have now started coverage for the stock. The company manufactures special solar modules that are to be used primarily in the agro-photovoltaic market. This increases the income of farms.

The certification process by TÜV Rheinland will start on this day. This should be completed in the second quarter of 2021. They want to set up mass production in the coming year and invest 20 million euros. Production should go up from an initial 20 MW to 250 MW by 2024. This development is supported by the Free State of Bavaria with up to 10.8 million euros.

The analysts at First Berlin anticipate that TubeSolar’s sales and earnings will increase sharply from 2022. If sales in 2021 should still be 0 euros, it should be 25.6 million euros in the following year. For 2023, 84.24 million euros are in the model. Earnings per share in this period should be -0.09 euros, -0.06 euros and +0.62 euros, respectively.

At their initial meeting, the experts rate the TubeSolar shares as “buy”. The first target price for the title is EUR 9.40.

The shares of TubeSolar lose 3.0 percent today to 6.40 euros.


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