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The 10 cities with the highest rents in the world

Tell me where you live and I’ll tell you how much you make – some housing markets are like exclusive clubs with relentless bouncers. In these metropolises and financial centers, even high earners have problems finding affordable housing. 20 percent more rent within a year? $ 3,700 for the average three-bedroom apartment? In the ten cities with the highest rents worldwide in 2018, these numbers are brutal reality.

In its seventh annual index “Mapping the World’s Prices”, Deutsche Bank examined the price level and standard of living in 50 cities that are important for the global financial market. The analysts took a close look at the monthly costs for accommodation, among other things. Even if the rental prices suggest something else: The focus was not on penthouses, but on apartments with two bedrooms in the middle price segment.

The highest rents will be charged in 2018 in these ten cities.

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