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Largest Aldi branch in the world opens in Mülheim

The Aldi branch in Mülheim has a sales area of ​​almost 2000 square meters. Photo: © ALDI SOUTH

The world’s largest Aldi Süd branch opens on Saturday in Mülheim, North Rhine-Westphalia. The refrigerated shelves alone are over 70 meters long.

Mülheim – A truly huge supermarket celebrates its opening on Sunday, October 31st in Mülheim, North Rhine-Westphalia. As Aldi Süd announced in a press release on its own website, customers should be able to shop on an area of ​​1,940 square meters. According to the company, this means that the supermarket is the largest Aldi branch in the world.

1000 square meters is average

On average, the chain’s stores are around 1,000 square meters. The branch in Mülheim has existed since 1993. By closing a neighboring shop, its premises were integrated and the shop area was expanded by around 300 square meters.

“If there is a reasonable opportunity in existing properties, we are happy to use additional space,” says Tom Ritzdorf, Head of Branch Development at Aldi Süd in Dormagen, in the press release. “As far as the construction and furnishing of our new branches is concerned, we are very flexible and can not only use niches in the city.” As a result, customers in the Mülheim Aldi can now find refrigerated shelves that are over 70 meters long. The range of the largest Aldi in the world should be the same as in the “normal-sized” branches.


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