Gastronomy warns of a second lockdown – fire letter to Angela Merkel

The message is clear: “Many companies in the industry will not survive a second lockdown.” This is what it says in a fire letter from the catering industry to Angela Merkel. More than 80,000 companies could close.

In the corona pandemic, the hospitality and travel industries have warned of further restrictions on the industry. “It cannot be that we are suffering again,” said the President of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga), Guido Zöllick, on Tuesday with a view to federal-state consultations on Wednesday.

“A third of the 245,000 businesses are threatened with extinction if they close again.” That would be more than 80,000 companies.

The figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) showed that the industry had no relevant infection rate. If the hotel and catering trade are temporarily closed, those responsible for politics would have to “pay for the damage quickly and in full,” demanded Zöllick.

Industry representatives write fire letters to Merkel

In addition, around 30 leading representatives of the catering industry published a “fire letter” to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the prime ministers of the federal states, in which they presented impending further restrictions on opening times, including temporary closure, as disproportionate and incorrect. The gastronomy is subject to strict conditions, they emphasized.

“In the current second wave of the corona pandemic, the catering trade was never a source of infection,” says the letter signed by representatives of the café and restaurant chains L’Osteria, Hans im Glück, Nordsee, Block House and Coffee Fellows, among others. The chef Tim Mälzer was also there.

The restaurateurs warned that if they were to close, people would be displaced from the safe restaurants into the private sphere – but that was the “hotspot” of the infection. The industry representatives painted a bleak picture just in case: “Many companies in the industry will not survive a second lockdown.”


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