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From the primary speculation around Bitcoin to the sophistication of a device like Yield Farming, there are more and more crypto investment products in 2020. However, it is sometimes difficult for the beginner to make an informed choice that will combine profitability, simplicity and maximum safety.

However, faced with this investor dilemma, the masternode approach could well turn out to be an ideal solution: easy to access, not requiring specific financial or technological knowledge and very often components of exciting projects with high potential, masternodes crypto have many qualities. And among these qualities, the fact of immediately benefiting from often comfortable dividends will not have escaped the amateurs of passive income. So much so that some even see in these devices nothing less than the future of the concept of savings.

Warning : This sponsored article is offered to you in partnership with the company Feel Mining. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment invitation.

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Masternode generation

It’s done: you have discovered Bitcoin ! Your first satoshi are well protected on a cold wallet (a “cold wallet”, for example one of these two). What to do now ? Indeed, if you understood correctly that Bitcoin had a bright future, and could very well turn out – once again – the best investment of the decade, its variations sometimes remain insufficient to give you the thrill of a one-way trip in any space vehicle direction “to the Moon”. It’s a fact: apart from “Bull run” (a massive and rapid increase in prices), Bitcoin would almost have become boring!

And the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) then? Again, through TCT articles, or through videos viewed on Youtube, you have surely seen the full potential of this new exotic branch of finance. However, you also felt perfectly that this territory of adventure, devoid of any regulation was as much the scene of rapid fortunes what brutal and instantaneous ruins …

In short – and there is no shame in being – you are at this point on the crypto learning path we have all known: the horizon is full of tantalizing promises, but the reassuring familiarity of the A booklet, of PEL or from‘life insurance subscribed a few years ago continue to stick to the basques like a bad habit that is difficult to lose!

In order to get out of this comfort zone, there is fortunately a crypto product that will allow you to both fully immerse yourself in the ecosystem, while benefiting from familiar mechanics such as the notions of capital, of profits, or dividends. We are of course talking about the famous masternodes, mentioned quite regularly in the columns of the Tribune du Minage, but whose relevance and qualities fully deserve a solid reminder.

The Masternode for Dummies

In blockchain matters, and all other things being equal, everything is a matter of protocol and of consensus. Today’s article is not intended to introduce you to the differences between consensus in Proof of Work (PoW), Delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) and other Proof of Authority (PoA), nor their many derivatives. Indeed, the subject is quickly technical, and rather arid for those who are fundamentally interested only in the effectiveness (and the benefits!) Of such or such a device.

Just remember that at the heart of each of these approaches lies a holy grail of crypto architecture in its most ambitious: bring Bitcoin’s initial promise to life by offering the world blockchain networks allowing the exchange of value, or information, in a perfectly decentralized, distributed, secure and “scalable“(Ie able to operate on a global scale and not just between 50 techies scattered around the planet).

The equation is incredibly complex, so much so that it is often referred to as “Blockchain trilemma“So much does his resolution occupy the brightest minds in the full-time industry.

However, among the most promising approaches, Proof of Stake (Proof of Stake) currently hold the upper hand. At Proof of Work (Proof of Work) of Bitcoin, these approaches oppose architectures where the actors of the network will secure the latter, via the immobilization of a certain quantity of tokens or coins that evolve there. This protocol is not without reproach, but it will be granted that it allows the operation robust, efficient, fast and relatively energy efficient networks (a recurring criticism of the Bitcoin blockchain).

In return for their participation in the smooth running of the blockchain network in PoS, node operators are eligible for rewards, paid in the crypto currency they help secure. And this is precisely when you begin to see the parallel with more traditional financial systems:


  • an amount X in crypto currencies is locked in a Masternode (it will be recalled that for the most part, a masternode is a computer server). It’s about capital, or collateral, or a form of bail
  • In return for this immobilization, rewards are paid to the operator of the Masternode. We could also talk about dividends, or of interest

This system of dividends, the product of capital will inevitably make you think of well-known financial products such asLife insurance for example. And this is one of the great qualities of masternodes: their operation is intuitive. What could be more normal than to be remunerated for having carried out a job guaranteeing the good functioning of the system?

On the other hand, where this approach is truly revolutionary, it is that it allows do without any trusted third party. So, exit the banks, or any other intermediary of any kind. The architecture only holds up thanks to the robustness and elegance of an immutable computer protocol and the virtuous (because lucrative) participation of all network participants.

Another difference with an approach to which two centuries of financial culture has accustomed us: however locked they may be, you can recover your funds at any time, with a few manipulations and without penalty (like any rule, this one knows despite everything, some exceptions, such as the project SINOVATE which freezes funds for a year). If the banker will prohibit you from recovering your life insurance funds before 7 years, under pain of heavy penalties, you can arbitrate your masternode investment as you wish. At the end of the day, nothing less than new rights and freedoms in matters of personal finance.

The shared masternode, the key to diversification

There is a holy principle, which applies to any investment strategy, whatever its nature, but which is particularly important in the crypto arena: diversification ! In other words, we do not put all our eggs in the same basket and we avoid the “all in”On a single value, especially if said value has been touted to you by any VRP as embodying the“ new Bitcoin ”(note in passing that the world does not care about a“ new Bitcoin ”, the real Bitcoin is perfectly sufficient).

However, investing in the field of masternodes allows you to decline this principle by allowing you to position yourself on many projects, offering you in the process to dilute part of the risk. This is how about fifteen masternode projects which are offered on the investment platform Feel Mining, this stable having been carefully selected for the solidity of the projects which compose it.

And better still, Feel Mining offers you this diversification, even if your means are not unlimited, in particular thanks to its function of shared masternodes. This option allows you to subscribe only to a share of MN, while benefiting from the same levels of dividends as if you were the holder of a full masternode, which is sometimes inaccessible (a masternode DASH currently requires, for example, more than 60,000 euros in collateral to be operated).

By taking the above selection again and activating the “shared” option, it is thus in 6 masternode projects that you would be able to invest, for a little more than 1000 euros at the current price (the project DIVI accounting for almost half of that envelope, but let’s agree he deserves it).

Thus, by means of diversification, but also with the option of subscribing only to shares of masternodes, the Grenoble-based company specializing in crypto currency mining allows you to take your first steps as an investor in a secure environment. Better yet, thanks to a panel of tools and options that are as sophisticated as they are easy to access, you will immediately be able to manage your assets and start reaping benefits almost immediately!

Investing in Masternodes with Feel Mining

Once you have made your first purchase of masternode on the Feel Mining site, you will immediately have access to an ergonomic and particularly readable dashboard. This will allow you to benefit at a glance from a comprehensive overview of your investments, and their growth.

The interface needs no superfluous comments as the various options available to you are so explicit. Just remember that you can remove, convert or create rules according to your investor objectives. The ambition of Feel Mining is felt in the background: to offer each member of his community the tools to forge a unique experience, by offering everyone the opportunity to play on multiple mechanics.

You only want to deploy masternodes for the purpose ofaccumulate bitcoin ? It’s perfectly possible. You intend to generate passive and recurring income in fiat currency, paid into your bank account? Feel Mining offers it. You have understood that in order to grow a heritage exponentially, nothing is worth compound interest? The company recently introduced an automatic reinvestment scheme! And if in your eyes, nothing beats investing in physical gold, a recent partnership with the French leader VeraOne will even allow you to transform your dividends … into physical gold, via the VRO stablecoin!

At this stage, you will understand, to the financial inclusion that blockchain technologies have brought to everyone, players in the crypto ecosystem like Feel Mining have been able to add additional added value, that of ergonomics and ‘accessibility. And while Bitcoin can still seem intimidating or difficult to access at times, masternodes could ultimately represent the best path to wider democratization.

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