Bitcoin (BTC) on October 31, 2020

Bitcoin vs Altcoins

Perfect timing for Bitcoin (BTC): 12 years, $ 14,000 – a nice gift from the bulls or for the bulls.


Bitcoin therefore ends this month of October 2020 on a high note. BTC may still set a new record by the end of this day, in a few hours.

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The 14,000 USD, 2 years later

Bitcoin finally broke the $ 14,000 mark on October 31, 2020. This is the first time that the BTC reached this level since January 2018, when it fell from 20,000 USD.

Bitcoin must break through the resistance zone of $ 13,700 – $ 14,250; if it succeeds, the BTC could then rise to $ 16,500 – $ 17,000.

Bitcoin could end this month in a few hours with the highest monthly close level on record. It is trading at $ 13,716 as of this writing.

The BTC could end this month of October 2020 with a monthly gain of over 27%.

Happy birthday Bitcoin!

Bitcoin celebrates its 12th birthday today. Satoshi Nakamoto published the white paper of BTC on October 31, 2008. He sent it to cypherpunks, libertarians and cybersecurity engineers.

This 9-page document is shaking up traditional financial markets today, with the appearance of a more efficient alternative, which could be more legitimate than the old centralized system, in the eyes of citizens of all countries during the next decade. .

2020 will have been marked in particular by the entry of new institutional investors such as Square and PayPal, both having contributed significantly to the current rally.

It’s halloween but Bitcoin was not afraid of the expiration of BTC CME futures contracts yesterday, October 30, 2020. Nor is he trembling as the US presidential elections approach next week.


For 12 years, the BTC did not parade in front of his detractors who called him all names: a Ponzi scheme, “void”, a scam, etc.

If we were to come up with a definition of Bitcoin: a technological reserve that aims to restore financial, monetary and economic power to all citizens by offering a decentralized payment system. BTC started a revolution that first went off in the shadows and unveils its full power today. Will November also be kind to BTC? We have reconfigured ourselves but, Bitcoin could very well continue its momentum and reach 20,000 USD during this new month.


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