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The British super-rich club has suddenly shrunk. He lost 20 percent of its members within a year. That is at least true after the conversion into US dollars. In 2018 and 2019, Forbes had 54 billionaires in the United Kingdom. In 2020, the business magazine only had 45 super-rich.

In addition, five of the ten richest billionaires have become “poorer” in the past year. Some multibillionaires, on the other hand, managed to increase their wealth despite Brexit and the looming corona pandemic.

British billionaires in crisis

The crisis has announced itself. In the Brexit year 2019, the exact number of billionaires of the previous year was reached. However, their total wealth fell by a fifth. On average, each Briton on the list was worth $ 3.4 billion. At least this per capita value remained stable in this year’s ranking. Incidentally, Queen Elizabeth II is not included in the rich ranking. “Forbes” ignores monarchs (and dictators) because it is difficult to separate their private wealth from that of the state.

These are the richest Britons in 2020:


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