Aixtron: Price shock – analysts see encouraging figures

Aixtron’s incoming orders improved in the first three quarters from 150.6 million euros to 209.3 million euros. Sales fell from 184.6 million euros to 161.1 million euros. The EBIT drops from 24.5 million euros to 10.3 million euros. The profit comes to 9.6 million euros. Compared to the end of the year, liquid funds have decreased from EUR 298.3 million to EUR 262.8 million.

For the year as a whole, Aixtron is anticipating incoming orders between EUR 270 million and EUR 300 million. The analysts at DZ Bank consider 280 million euros likely. The turnover should be between 260 million euros and 280 million euros, here the expert estimate is 280 million euros. So far, Aixtron expected sales of up to 300 million euros. The EBIT margin is forecast at 10 percent to 15 percent. From the point of view of the experts, 14.2 percent is realistic.

The analysts speak of encouraging figures. You confirm the buy recommendation for the shares of Aixtron. The price target remains unchanged at EUR 13.00.

Overall, the current year should be solid. From 2021 onwards there could be an acceleration in growth. Impulses can come from the 5G network, and electromobility can also ensure this.

The shares of Aixtron give 17.1 percent to 9.032 euros. The changed sales forecast is apparently shocking the market.


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