What a mother advises parents in the home office

Working from home with children often brings additional challengesimago images / Westend61

# 1 structure

For Nicola Becker, editor at SOS-Kinderdorf e.V., structure is most important in the home office. Before the Corona crisis, she worked from home for many years and shared her experiences on the social welfare organization’s blog. A clear schedule is the most important factor in balancing childcare and work: “Even younger children can use an egg timer, for example, to learn how long their mum cannot be disturbed – unless of course an emergency occurs.”

# 2 Not doing everything justice

Naturally, a schedule quickly reaches its limits when daycare or school are closed or the offspring have to be looked after at home due to precautionary quarantine. Parents move their working hours in the home office into the early hours of the morning or late in the evening when the children are asleep. With this multiple burden, compromises are inevitable. “It was then that I learned to reduce perfection. In times like this, you can’t do everything justice, ”reports Becker. “Then the household suffers. And yes, the partner has to back off too. And yourself. But it will pass. “

# 3 Communicate openly with colleagues

In the corona pandemic, working hours are fundamentally different for people who work with and without children. However, this awareness must first prevail in some. “Apart from the technology, which sometimes worked better and sometimes worse, what annoyed me most were the expectations of my childless colleagues,” says Becker. “Working from home with children is always a balancing act. It is not possible to sit at your desk for seven hours at a time and be available toujours. ”She recommends sharing your schedules with colleagues and also talking openly with superiors about what works and what doesn’t in the home office.

# 4 Get help and harness children

“Let yourself be helped,” advises the SOS Children’s Village blog. “There may be a reliable teenager in the neighborhood who is dealing responsibly with the corona pandemic and who likes to take care of the children for two hours,” recommends Becker. She herself hired her daughters playfully to help with the household. “I introduced a three-point plan with my children. There was a green sticky dot for each activity that was fulfilled. ”Your daughters were allowed to watch TV if all three things were fulfilled (tablecloths / clearing, brushing teeth / putting on pajamas, putting away toys). “The latter was logically the most important to me. Because the other two tasks happened at the same time, the incentive was huge to earn the third ‘point’. In this respect, it was always tidied up appropriately and as an adult you only had to do the fine-tuning, ”reports Becker.

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