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Many university graduates first enjoy their new freedom. Odd jobs or taster part-time jobs often seem to be the better alternative to a cold start in the professional world. There is enough time for a career later, right? However, such a relaxed attitude can have a permanent negative impact on professional development. This is the result of a study by the Strada Institute for the Future of Work in collaboration with the labor market analysis software company Burning Glass Technologies. Accordingly, a lax career start ten years later can still have a negative impact on the professional career and the level of the salary.

The first job is crucial

According to the researchers, the first job sets the tone for the rest of the career. Of US college graduates whose first job matched their qualification, 87 percent remained adequately employed five years later. For nine out of ten of these people, this has not changed even ten years after graduation.

It looks completely different with the late starters. According to the study, four in ten college graduates in the US are overqualified for their first job. In two-thirds, the status did not change five years later. Another 75 percent of these workers will not have found a suitable job a decade after graduation. The price for a false start in career: an average of $ 10,000 loss of income per year.

Women shouldn’t sell themselves below their value

“Underemployment is by no means a temporary problem,” said Michelle Weise of the Strada Institute of “Time” magazine. Those who fall behind at the start can no longer catch up. According to the study, women should especially beware of this career trap. According to her, 47 percent of female university graduates are overqualified in their first job, ten percentage points more than men. In addition, there are later disadvantages due to motherhood and the generally lower salaries for women.

The database of Burning Glass Technologies was evaluated for the survey. It contains reportedly more than 800 million job advertisements and over 80 million resumes.


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