Gold and silver price correction over? USD on the brink!

Brief technical analysis

Of the USD gold price corrected quite strongly in the last few days, but a stop was found on the green-dashed support line – just like in June, after which the gold price began to rise rapidly. The correction since August followed the same pattern as the April-June correction: within the limbs of a (red) triangle. The special thing about a triangle formation: After arriving at the tip of the triangle, the dissolution movement from the triangle begins. Thrustwhich, by definition, aims to convert the resistant high of the triangle into a new support so that a new and strong uptrend can then begin. The accompanying indicators TRIX and MACD are at a critical level, but a price increase should steer both curves back up and confirm a new upward trend.

Of the USD silver price has also corrected strongly in the last few days, with a hold on the green-dashed support lines. A clear sell-signal is only given when falling below the lowest support (currently at $ 22).

If one assumes that the silver price is in a new, long-term upward trend (bull market), then it makes sense to look at the seasonal course of the last bull market (2002-2011), since prices often tend in recurring patterns and cycles. The following chart shows that the silver price (during the last bull market) is stuck in a correction between August and October and that a new, strong upward trend begins at the end of October / beginning of November and continues into April of the following year:

Source: Seasonax

Of the USD index is currently at an explosive point: As soon as the current support is undercut at 92 points, a strong downward trend can be expected, which should lead to a sharp rise in gold and silver prices:

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