Do medium-sized businesses need more heroes?

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Have you seen an entrepreneur today? Maybe this morning when you look in the mirror? Or on the way to work with small talk in front of the baker’s counter? Perhaps you have discovered an entrepreneur in one of your employees, a customer? Or in your successor? Did you see the entrepreneur in your daughter or your son?

There are a lot more entrepreneurs out there than we usually realize. Because there are actually more entrepreneurs than companies – at least that’s my experience.

At the same time, among those who call themselves entrepreneurs, we find very many who are not really entrepreneurs. Rather, they act and feel like managers or specialists. Correspondingly, it is not a satisfied entrepreneur who looks at them in the mirror in the morning, but someone whose face is drawn to running in the hamster wheel.

And that’s a problem, not just for individuals. More than ever, our country, our economy, the people in our companies and their families need real entrepreneurs.

What entrepreneurs do

I grew up in the middle class and felt early on that the middle class is the guarantee for our quality of life. And this feeling continued to develop under the diverse impressions that I was able to gain in my work with medium-sized companies over the past two decades.

Without medium-sized businesses and their entrepreneurs, we would not be where we are today as a country, as an economy, as a society. That’s why I believe that medium-sized companies are exactly what we need in the current situation. And they are already doing great things.

But I’m sure you could do a lot more. If you manage to get “stronger” at a certain point.

Mirror Mirror on the wall …

… who is the strongest entrepreneur in the country?

When it comes to strength, many immediately think of the entrepreneurial hero. One who is on the road as a lone fighter. Images of heroes such as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs appear … so the whole ranks of today’s classic superheroes in the corporate world.

Another implication of strength is: the tough personality. One with as thick a skin as possible, because without it it doesn’t work in the tough economic world … You can’t let anything get too close …

Both variants of “strength” have nothing in common with the entrepreneurship that makes our medium-sized businesses, our companies, strong. Entrepreneurial strength comes from a completely different league.

We don’t need another hero …

But as entrepreneurs we really don’t need any new heroes. We don’t need tough personalities or lone fighters. The days of the heroic One Man Show are over – and have always been more of a myth than a reality of successful entrepreneurship.

What makes entrepreneurs and thus companies really strong is the awareness of what it means to be an entrepreneur. Not: managers. Not: a specialist. But quite explicitly: entrepreneurs.

Many entrepreneurs are not in the business role. And most of them are not even aware of that. Often they just feel this discomfort that they are not happy in their job.

But this awareness is the key: Only in this way can the entrepreneur discover the strength that finally enables him to design his true product (and not just to administer, to manage): his company.


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