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What if Ethereum (ETH) was ultimately just one big playground for the DeFi game? NFT cards sell well in the markets, with 5-digit prices.

They are neither baseball players, nor celebrities from the sports or artistic world, but they are found today on the NFT maps. It’s only justice – no they are not part of the justice league – because after all, they made a significant contribution to the creation of DeFi.

The cards are in the hands of DeFi

The evolution of the DeFi sector during this summer of 2020 will undoubtedly remain one of the most significant events of this year.

Cards bearing the names of emblematic DeFi figures are sold on the marketplace NFT OpenSea. The issuer and creator of the cards is the company Meme Ltd.

Kain Legendary “, A set of cards created in honor of Kain warwick, the founder of the platform Synthetix (SNX), was sold within hours of launch, with purchase prices ranging from $ 12,709 to $ 37,233.

These prices obviously represent only a subjective value that reflects the sentiment of buyers.

The creator ofUniswap (UNITED) and proclaimed ” it guy ┬╗This summer, Hayden adams, is also on the market: cards in his name trade for an average of $ 11,468.

Warwick was kind enough to buy a complete set for 27.5 ETH which he then offered to Adams.

Batman returns

The ” Stani Legendary “In honor of the name of the creator of the loan protocol Aave (LEND), is another card sold at an exorbitant price.

The crypto-collector MaxStealth, who had bought a Batman nft for $ 150,000, listed one of their cards for $ 61,641.

Vitalik Buterin and Andre cronje of course have their cards, and their latest copies sold for $ 33,000 and $ 31,000 respectively.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

The world is being tokenized: collectible cards today, the world map tomorrow – to say the whole planet. Each member of Cryptocurrencies team may one day have an NFT card in their name. DeFi must now take up the challenge of recovering, after the observation of a slowdown in the sector during this month of October 2020. For that, it still has many cards to play.

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