Aircraft manufacturer wants to cut 30,000 jobs

Almost a fifth of the jobs, a total of 30,000, are to be eliminated at the aircraft manufacturer Boeing. That is 7,000 more than previously planned. The reason is the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic.

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The US aircraft manufacturer Boeing, which has been badly affected by the Corona crisis, is cutting even more jobs: By the end of 2021, a total of 30,000 of the around 160,000 jobs worldwide are to be eliminated. That is almost a fifth of all jobs.

Boeing announced on Wednesday that around 7,000 more jobs would have to be cut than previously planned. The loss in the third quarter amounts to 449 million dollars (382 million euros), sales fell year-on-year by around 29 percent to 14.1 billion dollars.

In the late summer of 2019, the manufacturer had made a profit of 1.2 billion dollars – despite the already existing problems with the 737 Max, which has had to remain on the ground after two crashes since March 2019. The loss this year adds up to $ 3.5 billion by the end of September.

Boeing boss is optimistic

The corona pandemic continues to put pressure on the industry, said Boeing boss Dave Calhoun. “We are adapting to this new reality by adjusting our liquidity and making our company more alert, resilient and sustainable.”

On the US broadcaster CNBC, Calhoun was optimistic that things would pick up again this year because “the vaccine seems to be much further than we imagined.”

Before the end of the year there will be a “change in awareness”. And then recovery will “start sooner rather than later”.


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