US elections: The mood is turning in swing states – VP Bank column

According to the latest polls in Florida, Donald Trump is ahead of the challenger Joe Biden. In Pennsylvania, too, the Democrat’s lead is shrinking. Shortly before the election, Biden seems to face the same fate as Hillary Clinton – at least in a milder version. While their lead in the 2016 election was only 7 percentage points 14 days before the election, in the last surveys immediately before the polls, it was only slightly more than one percentage point.

Biden was still clearly leading the race for the executive chair in the White House in mid-October – even in the important “swing states” where there is no traditional majority for one or the other party. According to the average calculated by RealClearPolitics from several election polls, Trump is now ahead in Florida for the first time.

Florida is the most important of the alternate voter states, as it has 29 votes in the ultimately decisive electoral body. But also in Pennsylvania, also an important swing state, Trump is noticeably catching up. RealClearPolitics sees a lead of 3.8 percentage points here. In mid-October it was 7 percentage points. Without a win in Florida and Pennsylvania, Biden will be close.

The poll trend in the last few days before the election should not be neglected. The countdown is on: The election will be exciting.

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