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D.he German stock market stabilized on Thursday after the massive price slide from the previous day. The market-wide F.A.Z.-index increases 0.8 percent to 2,065 points, the standard value index is similarly strong to 11,656 points. On Wednesday, the Dax fell below the 12,000 point mark and then continued to drop to 11,457 points at times. The trigger was the fear of further lockdowns in Europe, which countries like Germany and France have now also decided. In addition to the growing reporting season, the European Central Bank (ECB) with its monetary policy decisions will come to the fore in the afternoon.

The accounting season continues on Thursday with a series of business figures. Aixtron stand out negatively with high price losses of almost 15 percent. After the third quarter, the LED and chip industry supplier is a little more cautious about sales for the year as a whole. On the other hand, the titles of the construction software manufacturer Nemetschek gained more than 10 percent after an increase in the annual forecast.

Also in demand are the shares of the leasing specialist Grenke, who was recently in the center of attention as part of a short seller attack. Grenke is adding a Chief Risk Officer with responsibility for risk controlling, legal affairs and compliance. The short-seller attack had no impact on the business. In the fourth quarter, new business was around 60 percent of the previous year’s level. This news is good enough for a price rebound, said one trader.

The course of the semiconductor specialist Siltronic is under pressure with a minus of 6 percent. An unfavorable product mix and the strong euro weighed on the third quarter. The growth of cloud computing and the trend towards home offices may provide tailwind, but this is offset by a bumpy recovery in the auto industry. In addition, the warehouses with memory chips in the industry seemed to be rather full, so that stocks could probably be reduced here first.

The numbers of the technology giants Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook, which are due on the evening after the US stock market close, also promise excitement. Their price gains in the past few months had contributed a large part to the stock market rally.


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